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Running For: Federal Senate (NSW)

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I am 31 years old, am a pilot by profession and have previously had a career in the military, serving in the Royal Australian Navy for seven years in various roles and the Royal Australian Air Force for eighteen months as a trainee pilot. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Politics, and hold an Associate Diploma in Management.

I have lived abroad in various countries during my life including Papua New Guinea, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. I speak German and Dutch, although I am rusty at both through lack of use.

My beliefs and ideals

What follows is a quick summary of my beliefs and ideals. Don't be discouraged if you don't agree with everything I say - I always welcome new ideas and have often changed tack on issues when I have been further educated on them. That said, keep in mind that this is promoted in the hope that like minded individuals will coalesce around a common goal better than those with widely differing viewpoints. To that end this party isn't going to be for everyone. That's fine. The purpose of government is that decisions are made along the proportions of those who would like those decisions implemented. If no one likes what I have to say, then there won't be a party as I envision it, and I will have to accept that my views are not sufficient to hold sway. I can live with that outcome - at least I can say I tried. So, to my beliefs and ideals....

I am an atheist but I support all religions' right to coexist in peace. I condemn in the strongest terms all violence perpetrated in the name of religion. I am pro-choice and do not consider stem cell research and genetic testing to be unethical. I believe in universal health care for all citizens regardless of financial status. Education should be available to anyone who desires it, not only those who can afford it. Mankind's greatest hope lies in educating everyone to the limits of their capacity, so that they may banish the fears of the unknown and appreciate differences instead of being intolerant of them.

Freedom of thought and expression are paramount in a democratic society.

I don't believe artificial scarcity to be a valid business model. I don't believe in the concept of copyright in an age where information can be disseminated for essentially zero cost. Software patents should be completely abolished. Corporations should not have the same rights as an individual. Media ownership laws should be tightened to prevent wholesale homogenisation of public media.

Australia's telecommunications infrastructure should be retained by the government and not privatised. The government's duty is to provide basic services to all Australians and this includes telecommunications services.

I believe the "War on terrorism" to be bogus, much like the "War on drugs" and any other "War on..." that has no defined end.

I believe the current US administration to be the most dangerous I have seen in my life. I believe that they are systematically putting into place all the pieces needed to control the world's oil and gas reserves for themselves, as alluded to in the Project for the New American Century's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" dossier, written in part by the current US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld and his assistant Paul Wolfowitz.

Privacy of the individual should be enshrined in the Constitution. On the other hand, government and corporations should have very little privacy and should be publically accountable at all times for their actions. This maintains the rights of the individual over the rights of those who may be tempted by the disproportionate resources at their disposal.

Open standards should be mandated for all government documentation. No person should have to pay for software to read any document provided by government.

I don't believe in offshoring work. If you aren't competitive enough without farming out your labour pool overseas, you shouldn't be in business. All offshoring does is destroy the local economy and jobs for the benefit of a few more cents in the dollar for shareholders. It is a downward spiral that has no good long term outcome.

I hate censorship in all its forms. Human beings should be able to decide for themselves if they would like to view a film or listen to someone speak, regardless of what others would deny them. If elected I would remove the power of the Classification Board to ban media, but would allow them to continue classifying material in an advisory capacity so that people may make a truly informed choice.

Harming others is wrong, but if you wish to harm yourself that is a choice you should not be prevented from making.

These are but some of my beliefs. I encourage comments on anything I have mentioned, because intelligent dialogue is the best way of coming to mutual understanding of any issue.