Running a political party costs money (though we aim to keep costs down as much as possible by using online resources whenever we can). Until a candidate is successfully elected there is not going to be any government funding or salaries, so there will be a need for monetary donations and membership fees to help keep the Party financially sound leading up to the federal election.

Initially, all we'd like to see donated is your time, and any services you think you can contribute towards getting the Party up and running.

Once the Party is officially registered, the Financial Officer will set up a donation page here to facilitate donations both by traditional methods and directly via the Internet.

Contributors are going to be recorded (this is a mandatory government requirement) but not revealed to anyone except the Financial Officer (who is forbidden from revealing it to anyone else not required by law and who may not vote on Party issues). This has been suggested by one of our Members as a way of preventing donations being used to influence policy.

Please note - your donation will NOT entitle you to special consideration.

We are firmly against the US system of political lobbying, whereby cash buys you the ear of your congressman. You should only contribute if you agree with what we are doing and saying. You should NOT contribute in the hope of changing a policy direction. The Party is based on each and every voter having equal say, regardless of their financial clout.

All Party financial statements and transactions will be publicly available via this site. There will be no back room deals. Any Member found to be conducting such deals will be exposed and expelled from the Party.

If a candidate is elected in the federal election, the Party's parliamentary financial activities and decisions will be openly posted on this site for all to see.

You WILL be able to trust this party. Anything less than 100% trust is unacceptable and Members who diminish that trust will be expelled. We are here FOR you, not in spite of you.