One of the environmental aims for the Party is to use paper as little as possible, keeping the bulk of documentation in digital format. Only where absolutely necessary should a paper document be used (such as a membership form where a signature is required).

This page is the only official source of our documentation, so to provide you with extra security that our documents have not been tampered with, they have been cryptographically signed with our GPG Key and MD5 hashed for download integrity.

Party Documents

Membership Form (PDF) - [MD5] [GPG] If you are interested in becoming a member you will need to print out this form and mail it to the Party.

Party Constitution 1.0 (PDF) - [MD5] [GPG] If you only wish to read the Constitution and not work with the contents, this is the version you should download.

Party Constitution 1.0 (ZIP) - [MD5] [GPG] This is the Party Constitution in both and Microsoft Office formats.

Press Releases

27 Jan 04 (PDF) - [MD5] [GPG] A new Australian political party using the Internet to empower voters.

Press Kit (ZIP) - [MD5] [GPG] Contains high resolution images for use in press material.


Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free reader software useful for viewing documentation in PDF format. - Free cross-platform office productivity software which can read and write the Microsoft Office format as well as its own XML based open document format.

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