To qualify as a legal political party in Australia the Party needs to have 500 members as well as fulfil several other criteria. The easiest way to understand what is required is to download the Australian Electoral Commission's guidelines and forms yourself.

To summarise them briefly, the following requirements must be met:

There is a Membership Form available on the Downloads page if you wish to join Net Effect and help be one of the founding Members.

What does being a Member mean?

Being a Member means that you will be able to cast a vote on policy issues in the forum and have a say in all Party business. You will also be able to nominate as a candidate for election if you wish, in either house. If you are not a Member you will still be able to post comments to the forum, but you won't be able to directly decide on the policy platform of the Party.

To allow for the possibility that we may not get 500 Members to form a party, those of you who decide to become Members should initially send off your application forms without sending any membership fee. Once we get 500 Members and can form a political party legally, you will be required to send in your membership fee. This provides you with the security of knowing that if we don't get enough Members to form a party, you are not out of pocket.

Membership Fee

Membership fees will be collected annually on the anniversary of your joining (which for the founding Members will be the day the Party receives its 500th Member), and will not be raised by more than 10% in any one year over the previous year. That said, we don't aim to increase fees at all unless our Members (that will include you) deem it necessary.

In keeping with our philosophy of equality, we are only charging one set fee regardless of financial status:

12 month membership fee - $ TBD (non-refundable)

For the first 500 Members this will be payable on Party formation; for subsequent Members this will be payable along with your membership form.

You may also donate more if you wish and can afford to do so. Up to $100 is tax deductible when contributing to a political party. Receipts will be emailed to you unless you specifically request a receipt to be sent to you via the post, in keeping with our policy of conserving paper.

Steps To Membership

1. Download a copy of our Membership Form and the Party Constitution.

2. Read both documents and understand your rights and obligations as a Member.

3. Fill out the Membership Form in full and post it to us (the first 500 Members will not have to send their membership fees until we are registered as a political party):

The Net Effect Party
3 Willetts Road
Mt Pleasant QLD 4740

Once we receive your Membership Form we will email you and inform you of your successful application. You are then able to exercise all the rights and privileges of membership both on and offline.

That's all there is to it!